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Conditions at local time 7:09PM 

Information about the weather station hardware.

 System Information
System in Use Raspberry Pi 4 System Language English (United States)
GPU Broadcom VideoCore VI @ 500MHz Cumulus Hard Drive 250 GB SSD
CPU 1.5GHz 64-bit Quad-Core CPU OS Version Raspbian Linux 12 (Bookworm)
Memory RAM 4GB DDR4 Cores 4
Cumulus Memory Usage 89.68 MB Display Mode 1440x900 32 bit
Full Website Update Interval 5 Minutes Realtime Update Interval 4 Sec
Cumulus Version Build v4.0.0 (4018) Log Rollover Time midnight
Server Up Time 16 days 4 hours Cumulus MX Up Time 16 days 4 hours
 Davis Hardware
Station Type Davis Vantage Pro2+ Total ISS Data Packets Received 0
Missed ISS data packets 0 Longest streak of good packets 3476
ISS packets with CRC errors 0 Percentage of good packets received
Console & ISS resynch's 0 Console Firmware Version 2021-11-05
Console Battery Condition 5.98 v Data Was last Read From The Station 5/19/2024 7:09:36 PM
ISS Battery Condition OK Station Data Feed
 Longitude & Latitude & Location
Longitude W 80° 10' 36" Latitude N 26° 36' 11"
Above Sea Level 26 ft Station Location Lake Worth Florida